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Before the Islamic revolution , a group called Borzouyeh was formed under the management of akbar bahadori .The mission of the group was to set up hospital centers in the country .The general hospital was built in the area of vanak square in tehran with a special foreign currency loans .
The hospital covers an area of about 30,000 square meters with a capacity of 2500 beds .
This medical center is one of the first four hospital in the world and is unique in the middle East .
Construction work in 1352 and 1356 about %80 percent of it was done .
Considering the sensitivities of the Revolution any period and the dependence of Borzouyehs group on the agent’s of his court and his escope from Iran .
This hospital was owned by the mostazafan foundation ,with the onset of the imposed war and the need to provide medical services to the wounded and no hospital set up until .The minister of the Army in a letter from Imam Khomaini requested the transfer of the center to the Corps and the Imam confirmed this in an order .
By the end of 1362 he began his career with the admission of a great deal of chemical injuries .
The hospital was under the supervision of the sepah medical collage , and in the visit 1368 , supreme leader’s said :
About him : the proper focilities of this hospital should be used for educationall purposes as well and it was approved in 1993 .
After the imposed war , its development plan in the ministry of defense and the support of the armed forces , to serve the family of the armed forces , especially the official staff of the sepah and their families Adopted in the eastern and wastern provinces .
Currently baqiyatallah hospital with 650 beds in specialized and sub-specialty departments comitted to serving the large family of the Armed forces of the Islamic republic of Iran with an average of about 5,000 patients per-day .
This hospital in different physician – medical divisions : operating room , Radiology , CT Scan , Lab, Angiography  of the heart , maternity rooms , crusher , emergency , fitness test , Dialysis , office units, Accounting , employment , mosque and kindergarten and the task force is at the level of the armed forces with the priority of the sepah official personnel .
The location of this hospital is approximately 25 thousand square meters in Tehran , vanak square is the intersection of sheikh Bahaei south street in mulla sadra street .


Tuesday 4/23/2019
Vanak Square, Mulla Sadra Street, after Sheikh Bahayi, Baqiyatallah Al'Azam Hospital


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Tuesday 4/23/2019
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