3SeptemberCoronary angiography
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Dr.Dadgoo Faculty Member and Associate Professor of the university

Coronary arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood to the heart muscle they do in to pump blood throughout the body .the heart must have a permanent supply of to have oxygen when blood exits the left ventricle to the artery.

The main body is the body .At the beginning of the Everest Artery near the top

The heart is divided into two coronary arteries called the coronary arteries of the left and they are right .The coronary arteries are located at the surface of the heart

The smaller branches branch off and then enter the heart muscle

They deliver oxygen to the heart cells .Inside the wall of arteries naturally it is smooth and flexible allowing easy movement of blood

Over the years the vessel wall may be covered with residual fat

When this process called atherosclerosis involves two coronary arteries

The result will be coronary artery disease .Continuation of the formation of this deposition of fat residues

The plaque on the artery wall makes the arteries thinner and more compact

Blood drops .These plaques can limit arterial blood flow to the limit

Reduce the risk of angina or heart attack .Angiography Number of vessels

Blocked coronary disease location of obstruction and extent .Know this the cases allow the physician to figure out how to treat

Tuesday 4/23/2019
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Tuesday 4/23/2019
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