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Brain stroke is the third cause of death in the world.

The etiology of brain stroke seems to myocardial infarction(MI)

Unfortunately if a neuron(brain cell) is dead, it can not be replaced.

If a stroke doesn't redound to death, it can cause severe and major disability such as:

Paralysis one side of the body (hemi paresis)

Inability to speech (aphasia)

Inability to normal stance and gait(ataxia)

Inability to swallow

Blindness of one side of visual field


Thus immediate diagnosis and appropriate treatment have important roles to decrease stroke mortality and disability.

Stroke care team in Baqiyatallah hospital is ready to provide newest and the most updated services for patients with brain stroke such as:

Mechanical thrombectomy

Intravenous thrombolytic therapy

Surgical endarterectomy


DSA angiography, CT angiography, Magnetic resonance angiography,…

None invasive evaluation of CNS blood flow such as Transcranial color duplex sonography (TCCS), TCD,…

Also this hospital has a Stroke Care Unit (SCU) with experienced personnel and equipped devices for  intensive stroke treatment.


Tuesday 4/23/2019
Vanak Square, Mulla Sadra Street, after Sheikh Bahayi, Baqiyatallah Al'Azam Hospital


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Tuesday 4/23/2019
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