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Azam International Hospital Patients Baqiyatallah Unit ( AS) Is Proud To Serve The Medical Tourism Patients.

Provide medical services to foreign patients has long been among the advanced countries as a way of income into account to come.

But in the past decade due to more expansive health care industry trend shifted and a number of countries in the development of health services. Significant progress has been achieved; advanced countries are able to offer cheaper health care.

This leads to the influx of large numbers of foreign patients in search of cheep and quality treat ment are acceptable in this country, so that the turnover of this industry in the past few years and some countries exceeded 100% billion in annual revenue exceeding $ 10 billion the industry have their own income. Our country is one of the countries that in addition to the many jaz to attact tourists yet. Achieved great efficiency in the health filed.

Quality of health care provided in IRAN is higher than many countries in the region and even is some cases at the international level a lot to say and does the hospital Azam Ali ( AS) due to the excellent work experience and position in the patient safety and quality during the past years she shone perrity, and in two clinical governance festival in years 90 and 91 could also be accomplished sector ions as the nation's top hospitals in 92 years as a hospital patient safety among the 23 countries friendly east Mediterranean evaluated by the word health organization has rankeal first for eight consecutive years, and also is proud to serve as a hospital patients preference is excellent. The fore the center is considering having terms and attractions in the hospital and patient satisfaction, and in crease the quality of service and optimal planning . According to hospital in order to reduce the waiting time for laboratory services and reduce waiting times for health care in the operating room can be an excellent center for medical tourism patients as well health.

Tourism unit unit of the tourists health hospital who need treatment both in clinical and clinical departments is be receptive to patients health tourism.

Azam international hospital patients BAQIYATALLAH Unit (AS).