3SeptemberWhat is angiography
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Dr.Dadgoo Faculty Member and Associate Professor of the university
Conronary angioplasty also known as subscutaneous coronary intervention it is a healing method to open the blocked arteries of the heart used.In this way. take asmall balloon temporarily whereyour vein it has a cramp .and is inflated to help open the artery

Angioplasty is often accompanied by permanent placement of a wire mesh called a stent

Is inside the artery to retain the artery openly and prevent narrowing and obstruction to prevent it from happening again .Some stents were coated with certain medications for the better can hold the artery open )  medicated stents (but other types of stents without are bare metal stents (angioplasty can improve symptoms of clotting) .
Arteries including chest pain and shortness of breath may be effective .Also from angioplasty can be blocked at the time of heart attacks to open the artery quickly  
Used to reduce the amount of damage to the heart  

Angioplasty by a cardiologist and a team of technicians and cardiologists

Vessels in a room called ward will be done Stent placement versus coronary artery placement is a minimally invasive procedure it is an invasion because it does not require any cuts or injuries this practice is often with eBay

Local anesthesia or mild anesthesia usually takes about an hour but if multiple stents are inserted it may take longer

Patients undergoing stent placement compared with patients undergoing surgery

They do coronary artery bypass much less pain and discomfort and much better recovery time

They are much shorter

Performing subcutaneous and angioplasty interventions for coronary arteries requires expertise and

Has a great experience .High physician experience will lead to better results

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